About our breeding

We are Norways leading breeder of Miniatureschnauzers s/p with
top-winning salt/peppers trought 2 decades.
Dogs bred by us have won European and World shows and in Norway we have won specialities and winner-shows more than any other
Dogs owned by us has won prestigious shows in US and in Europe and we are the only breeder from Norway winning Best of Winners at
Montgomery with one of our dogs. Owner/handled/groomed by us.

Greypix’s And that is Arja
Norw. Winner 2007
Major Win for Greypix at Montgomery 2016 with our Cody.

Since the first litter came to life here at Greypix in 2000 our
primary goal has been to breed healthy and typical schnauzers.
From our fundation-bitch ( Imp. UK) we have had the opportunity
to breed some of the best miniatureschnauzers in Norway.
And our breeding today still have our fundation of our breeding
behind them.

Arbeybuffel’s Missed me bye 
(Imp. UK)

Today we also have some of the leading kennels included in our
breeding-program. Regency’s and Arbeybuffels are those two
kennels mainly in our program, but also important Scandinavian
dogs and other imports are used in our program.

Regency’s Playful design at Greypix
(Imp. US)

As a breeder in Norway we all have to follow the Norw. KC
regulations for breeding. Those dog we breed to also follows
the national special-club regulations for health despite we not
are a part of the club anymore. (2019)

If you want to contact us for a puppy, have following in mind.
We do not sell showdogs, however if we have a promising prospect
we will urge to show if wanted. We do not sell puppies without
meeting potensial buyers first and we do NOT send any dogs
alone anywhere.

Kent Olsen / Baard H Snevoll (2019)