Greypix Schnauzers®
Kent Olsen / Baard H. Snevoll
Kongsvingervegen 2295
Phone: +47 63 90 20 49
Greypix's Champions since 2000...
Its mostly underneath NO SE DK CH SW02
It's more underneath NO SE CH
Im unbalanced made NO CH
Reflected Moments NO SE DK CH NW 02
Moment's of Satisfaction NO CH NW03
Mrs.Sippi NO CH
Mirthful Norse NO SE DK CH
Mysterious Narrative INT NO SE FIN DK SW05 NW06
Northern Mirth NO CH
It's my produced Nova INT NO SE CH EUW05 NW05 SW07
Made for North NO  FIN CH
Nimble Ztorm moving up NO DK CH
Canis Maximus NO SE CH
Made Nordic NO SE CH
My lady Nikita NO DK CH
New Moments NO CH
And that is Arja NO SE CH NORDJ-W06 NW07
Ask Abby for more NO CH
Cuddles at Olinus NO DK CH
Caramba Clishê NO SE CH
Dark Dante NO CH
Dirty girl at Virgin NO SE DK CH CIB WW10
Do me again NO CH
Good to be me NO CH DAN CH SE CH C.I.B
Innocent NO DAN CH SE CH NordJW10
From US by Axcium NO CH FIN CH
Keep up the fun NO CH SE CH FIN CH
Billy the kid NO AG CH NO AG(jump) CH
Missed bye me NO CH SE CH NorW 13
Promise NO CH
Quest to Go NO CH NJW14
Quinnie NO CH NW15