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Kent Olsen / Baard H. Snevoll
Kongsvingervegen 2295
Phone: +47 63 90 20 49
Greypix's hunder...
Unique V D HavenstadArbeybuffel's Missed me bye
født: 09/02.2000
Greypix's I'm unbalanced made NO CH
Greypix's I'm under myself
Greypix's It's mostly underneath NO SE DAN CH SV02
Greypix's It's more underneath NO SE CH
Skyaire Reflection x Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye
født: 23/03.2001
Greypix's Randy Mamola
Greypix's Returning male
Greypix's Risky Moments CAC
Greypix's Rock'n Magic
Greypix's Reflected Moments NO SE DAN CH NV02
Motown's Satisfaction Greypix's It's mostly underneath
født: 13/01.2002
Greypix's Made of satisfaction CAC/ CACIB
Greypix's Moments of satisfaction  NO CH NV03
Greypix's Mrs Sippi NO CH
Greypix's Satisfied moment
Adamis Nordic Destination x Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye
født 25/10.2002
Greypix's Mirthful Norse  NO SE DAN CH
Greypix's Mysterious Narrative CIB NO SE DAN FIN CH SV05 NV06
Greypix's Northern Mirth NO CH
Greypix's Nordic Marshall
Greypix's Noteworthy mind
Adamis Nordic Destination x Greypix's It's mostly underneath
født: 24/03.2003
Greypix's It's my produced nova NO SE CH  EUW05 NV06
Greypix's Made for North NO FIN CH
Greypix's Miss Nefertifi
Greypix's Native man
Greypix's Nimble Ztorm moving up NO CH DAN CH
Axcium's Casanova x Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye
født: 23/11.2003
Greypix's Comments by me
Greypix's Made Clara for me
Greypix's Making Commitments
Dialynne Leveller from Risepark x Greypix's Moment's of satisfaction
født: 03/07.2004

Greypix's Little man Mario
Greypix's Live for the moments
Greypix's Ment for confusion
Greypix's My little Caddie
Axcium Casanova x Greypix's Moment's of satisfaction
født: 03/07.2004

Greypix's Canis Maximus NO SE CH
Motown's Not bad at all x Greypix's It's mostly underneath
født: 23/01.2005

Greypix's Made Nordic NO SE CH
Greypix's Moah Nayah
Greypix's My lady Nikita NO DAN CH
Greypix's New Moments NO CH
Greypix's No match for me
Axcium's CasanovaGreypix's Mirthful norse
Født: 10/02.2006
Greypix's Admiral Tobey
Greypix's Alma is my name
Greypix's And that is Arja NO SE CH NORDJV06 NV07
Greypix's Ask abby for more NO CH
Greypix's At least ask
Wards Creek's Flying SoloGreypix's Made nordic
født: 21/03.2007
Greypix's Barents Prinsess CAC
Greypix's be my gigolo
Greypix's Bella Rosa
Greypix's Billy the kid AG CH
Greypix's Boomers boy
Greypix's Bonzo
Arbeybuffel's Is now GreypixGreypix's Mysterious Narrative
født: 17/06.2007
Greypix's Challenger
Greypix's Carambâ Clishe NO SE CH
Greypix's Cuddles at Olinus NO CH
Greypix's Cayenne
Greypix's Capone
Kareso Game On x Buffel's Passion of fashion
Greypix's Direct to arbeybuffels
Greypix's Dark Dante NO CH
Greypix's Dionigi
Greypix's Dreamboy CAC
Greypix's Devine lady at Motown
Greypix's Diamond
Greypix's Dream xtreem CAC
Greypix's Dirty girl at Virgin           CIB NO SE DAN CH  WW10
Greypix's Do me again NO CH
Arbeybuffel's Is now Greypix x Greypix's Made Nordic
født: 21/08.2008
Greypix's Encore
Greypix's Espresso
Greypix's Elmo
Greypix's Easygoing Aussie
Greypix's Esprite
Awesome Kiss my gritz x Axcium's Million Dollar baby

Greypix's From US by Axcium NO CH FIN CH
Greypix's Fun at Ing-stas by Axcium CAC
Greypix's Foreigner from Axcium
Greypix's Flying high from Axcium
Regency's Good to go x Greypix's Mysterious Narrative

Greypix's Good to be me              CIB NO SE DAN CH
Greypix's Native man x Greypix's Made nordic

Greypix's Hanne Ce ciliie
Greypix's Hard to be me
Greypix's Herkules
Greypix's Hightone
Greypix's Hot nordic design
Greypix's Dark Dante x Greypix's And that is Arja

Greypix's Iker
Greypix's Impressive
Greypix's Irresisteble
Greypix's In action
Greypix's Izmo CAC
Greypix's Innocent                        CIB NO DAN CH SE CH NORDJV10 NV12
Greypix's Ilja
Sterling's Green Monstah x Greypix's Do me again

Greypix's Just for you
Greypix's Just in time
Greypix's Just as me
Greypix's Dark Dante X Greypix' s Caramba Clishe

Greypix's Kash
Greypix's Kick ass Sidney
Greypix's Kept for Nordic Design CAC
Greypix's Keep up the fun NO SE FIN CH
Greypix's Dark Dante X Greypix' s Caramba Clishe

Greypix's Lets go crazy
Greypix's Limited edition
Greypix's Look to me
Greypix's Lovely lady
Greypix's Loves like Lotta
Greypix's Lovestory
Greypix's Dark Dante X Greypix's Good to be me

Greypix's Missed bye me NO CH SE CH NV13
Arbeybuffel's Moonliteing x Greypix's Do me again
Greypix's No one like me
Greypix's Nelly furtadu Sølvhaven
Greypix's  Number me one zero zero
Greypix's Noise for you
Greypix's Dark Dante X Greypix's Good to be me
født 29/01.2013
Greypix's Oh I'm good
Greypix's Oh so good
Greypix's Oline CAC
Greypix's Innocent X Greypix's Caramba Clishe
født 03/02.2013
Greypix's Pathfinder
Greypix's Promise NO CH
Greypix's Play with me
Greypix's Pussy willow
Greypix's Purrfect
Greypix's Pure pleasure
Regency's Good to go X Greypix's Keep up the fun
Greypix Qamille
Greypix's Qeep me Funny
Greypix's Qureidah Tutta
Greypix's Quinnie NO CH  NV15
Greypix's Quest to Go NO CH  NJV14
Regency's Playful design at Greypix X Greypix's Good to be me

Greypix's R Good design
Greypix's Regent Player
Greypix's Regent Replay
Greypix's Regent Playboy
Greypix's Repeat Good design
Regency's Good to go X Greypix's Caramba Clishe
Født 13/03.14
Greypix's Still Good Clishe
Greypix's Something Good
Greypix' Sirius Selecta
Greypix's Say I'm good
Greypix's Say its a good clishe
Regency's Playful design at Greypix X Greypix's Keep up the fun
Født: 20/10.14
Greypix's Take a chance on me
Greypix's The playful one
Greypix's Try to play me
Greypix's Try to keep up
Greypix's Time to keep up
Greypix's There is a player here

Greypix's No match for me X Greypix's Good to be me
Født: 03/03.15

Greypix's Unique Match
Greypix's U match me
Greypix's Underneath its good
Regency's Playful design at Greypix u. Greypix's Missed bye me
Født 08/08.2015
Greypix's Verena bye me
Greypix's Very much a player
Greypix's Vigilance by design 
Greypix's Innocent u. Greypix's R good design
Født: 01/05.2016
Greypix's Wictor
Greypix's Why not me
Greypix's Will be Innocent
Greypix's Whimsical Fibi
Greypix's What is Good design
Greypix's Wimsey
Regency's Playful design at Greypix u. Greypix's Missed bye me
Født 16/06.2016
Greypix's X by playful design
Greypix's Xpected to play by design
Greypix's X-tream design
Greypix's X times ten-ten
Greypix's Xaviera
Greypix's Ximena