Greypix Schnauzers®
Kent Olsen / Baard H. Snevoll
Kongsvingervegen 2295
Phone: +47 63 90 20 49
Welcome to Greypix...
Norway's leading breeder of miniatureschnauzer salt/pepper!

For more than 20 years miniatureschnauzers has been a importanMotown's Up side downt part of our household, and since 2000 we have had a small and sucsessful breedingprogam.
In 2005 our prefix "Greypix"  was approved by FCI and the Norw.KC and all dogs born here after 2005 carries this prefix.
Our breeding is based on the leading UK and American dogs combined with the top-winning scandinavian dogs, and the dogs we breed on is healthy and sound and follows the specialty-clubs regulations for health.

As a breeder our primary-goal is to breed miniatureschnauzer with correct attitude and follows the breed-standard. All puppies are raised inside together with the rest of our dogs and they all live as pets together with us.
As a result of our breeding-program our breeding is Norway's leading kennel with both European and World-winners among our stock. No other breeder in Norway within s/p mini's has produced with the same result as Greypix.

We are also on sosical channels. Greypix is found on "facebook" "Tumblr" "Twitter" and"Instagram" in English.

We hope you will enjoy these sites, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the breed, our dogs or anything else surrunding this.

Kent Olsen / Baard Snevoll


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Kent & Baard