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Kent Olsen / Baard H. Snevoll
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About Greypix...
It started in 1986!

"Bonn"The 8'th of August in 1986 came my first miniatureschnauzer, and from that date dogs has been an important and fun pleasure.
"Bonn" as my first dog was called was a beautiful male and a dog that will always be in my heart. Not many things was done without making sure that the dog was nearby...
The pleasure of getting this dog from Ingbjorg and Helge Meinich Bache, kennel Ing-sta's is even today - more than 20 years later - something I will never be gratefule enought for!
The dog was not suppose to be a showdog, but after the first puppy-show I was sold.. and when he won his class at his first official show and was 2'nd best male after the leading dog at the time, our show-career was on! The 2 of us travelled around in Norway on so many shows as possible and he became champion at the age of 15 months and 2 day for Karina LeMare from UK

When I moved to Oslo at the late -80 I got the opportunity to buy a bitch named "Lita". I saw her when I was suppose to look at some Standard-poodles.. I can't remember much of the poodles but "Lita"was stuck on y mind, and when the breeders Britt and Thore Holme called me and offered her to me I could'nt say no. It was alot of happines both for me and "Bonn" when she came. I saw the beauty and "Bonn" noticed that she had her season..
Unfortunally it never came puppies from her as she was hit by a car in 1992.
Bonn, Lita &  Madammen by the Oslo-fjord in 1996
These 2 dogs followed me everywhere and trought them I learned the breed from the inside, and showed them both in Norway and abroad. They were with me always, and never a problem! And today - more than 20 years later I'm glad that these 2 dogs learned me the breed, and that I got to know people who knew the breed well too.
Nick Madammen
Bård  came in the house of madness in 1993, and in January 1994 "Madammen" came to us. A wild and funny puppy that I waited almost 2 years for. As we got more room, we also got the opportunity to buy half of "Nick" - A male Pauline Bjorklund, Motowns' kennel, bought in Belgium at the world famous V.D. Havenstad kennel.
Unfortunally is not always plans made plans done. "Madammen" did not became the fundation-bitch I hoped for, and together with Pauline, I went to UK and in 1999 our "Kate" finally came. A wonderful bitch full of spirit and temperament... Some people looked twice when they saw her as she was not what Norway was used too. And with a pedigree that was never bred to in Norway she was unique. Janet Callow and Betty/Archer Fletcher - Arbeybuffel's kennel - will always have a thought from me for every puppy born here. Without them this would not be so fantastic!
Olga -Our first homebred Champion
In 2000 came the first puppies here, and from this litter we kept "Olga". She became our first homebred champion, and finished her show-year with style, going to best bitch at the Swedish winner-show 2002.

Kate - Fundation-bitch at GreypixThe rest is a history that we hope will be long. Our breeding is among the best in Scandinavia, and we are proud to say that it all goes back to our imports "Nick" and "Kate"

Kent Olsen/Baard Snevoll
written by Kent  Sept. 10-2008